What does ACT therapy cost?

  • intake: 90 euros (2024)
  • Treatment session: 90 euros (2024)

* No VAT (BTW) is charged for ACT therapy.
* You don't need a referral from your GP.

Is ACT therapy covered by my insurance?

ACT is a form of psychosocial therapy, it is considered complementary or alternative care by Dutch health care insurance. It is therefore not covered by basic Dutch health care insurance. If you have supplementary Dutch health care insurance, it may be partially reimbursed.

Check this link for whether your supplementary insurance covers the therapy. Please note: I am a member of a professional association (NFG) and not an umbrella association; if the list says 'registratie bij koepel vereist', then there is no reimbursement. If in doubt, contact your health insurance company.