Therapy practice Tim Schoenmakers

Are you looking for psychological help? I offer ACT and psychosocial therapy in Amsterdam Centrum Oost (Roeterseiland).

I specialize in loss and grief, but you are very welcome if you have other complaints.

The therapy focuses on acceptance of difficult feelings and thoughts. Stop fighting with what bothers you. Being less critical of yourself and focusing on what makes life valuable. Dealing with your problems more flexibly, and enjoying life again. Lees verder…

Client experiences

Tim listens without judgement and I felt safe to discuss experiences I didn't dare with previous therapists. (Marian, 62)
Tim doesn't put words in your mouth but gives suggestions, which made me look at my grief in a different way. (Els, 58)
Whatever problem I present, Tim always has an exercise ready to work with it. (Eve, 27)