Tim Schoenmakers, PhD

I have a strong interest in the link between body and mind. This is reflected in my therapy, my research and my personal life. Since years I have been practicing mindfulness daily and I regularly attend yoga and meditation retreats. This once started when I had a stressful management job and with a personal loss. Mindfulness helped me deal with difficult feelings and stress, and allowed me to discover how I want to live my life.

I completed a two-year training in ACT therapy at Stresswise Academy. In addition to my work as a therapist, I am Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. I teach future therapists there. I develop treatments, and do scientific research on mindfulness-related therapy such as ACT (for insomnia, stress, grief and loss), and I focus on the role of the body in processing emotions. Previously, I did research on health care and addictions. I received my PhD from Maastricht University in 2009.

More information:

Listen to my interview on mindfulness and ACT with De Podcast Psycholoog (in Dutch): https://www.depodcastpsycholoog.nl/seizoen6/mindfulness

University of Amsterdam
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Professional registration & complaints procedure

I am registered as a psychosocial therapist with the NFG (Nederlandse Federatie Gezondheidszorg). The NFG monitors the quality of care and helps me as a care provider to comply with all obligations under the relevant laws (wkkgz and wtza).QiC).

Do you have a complaint about the treatment? Then of course it is best to discuss it with me first. We will try our very best to resolve it together. If you are still not satisfied, you can first contact the NFG. This is an independent advocacy organization. Click here.

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Company name: Tim Schoenmakers

Chamber of commerce no.: 89818180

Locatie: Roeterseiland, Amsterdam Centrum Oost