ACT therapy

What is ACT therapy?

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a modern form of behavioral therapy and is proven effective. ACT focuses on acceptance: you do not fight difficult feelings and thoughts, but learn to allow them. You then have space and energy left to take steps toward a pleasant and meaningful life. ACT makes extensive use of experiential exercises, including from mindfulness. In my treatment, I also use body awareness and self-compassion.

My approach

All people are different and have different needs in therapy. That's why I think it's important to explore together what works for you. We will try different exercises, and we will explore how you can best work on changes outside of the therapy room as well.

I believe that many people can benefit from learning to feel in a better way. The body tells us how we feel, what's important to us and what we should and should not do. In therapy, therefore, we will often focus on the body. As a result, you learn to deal with feelings in a different way, and you become more in touch with your body.

For whom?

If you would like to learn how to deal more flexibly with difficult thoughts and feelings, feel more enjoyment in pleasant moments, and work toward a meaningful life, ACT can help. I offer therapy for people with grief or loss symptoms, depressive or anxious feelings, worrying, stress, unprocessed emotions, substance abuse, etc. I speak English fluently and offer therapy to expats.

You don't need a referral from your GP.

I do not provide therapy for clients with...:

  • Severe mental illness, psychosis or personality disorders
  • Total disorientation in time, place and person
  • Who are unable to reflect on themselves
  • IQ below 80
  • Need for (very) intensive personal guidance
  • Who cannot put off their request for help until the next session
  • Involving involuntary care

What does a treatment program look like?

I would like to tune in with you whether this treatment suits you. We will do so by email or a brief phone call. You can tell me what is going on and I will explain the treatment to you. Go to the contact page.

Subsequently, I will send you a questionnaire to get started efficiently: you can give more information about yourself and your reason for treatment. Then we have an intake interview, after which the treatment starts. We determine the frequency of treatment sessions together based on your needs. In the beginning, this is usually once every week or two weeks. Sessions last 50-55 minutes.